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Black Belt Sport Poomsa


Sport Poomsae for WTF rule set is nothing more than traditional poomsae but graded on a 10 point scale. You are also graded on two bases, 1 being technical, and 2 being presentation. Presentation is now 60% of your score and scores higher than technical at 40%. There are specific deductions for wrong or incorrect techniques and or sloppiness. If you perform an incorrect technique or a sloppy technique then you can be deducted anywhere from .1 to .3 points. The deductions add up quickly as something as simple as your foot being off angled by 10 degrees could be a .1 of a point deduction. A major infraction would be .3 deductions and that would be doing a low block when a middle block was the correct technique for example, even something as little as your eyes looking around will be cause for a deduction in points. Forget to look in the direction of the block or punch and you get deducted. Too much power throughout the technique (not relaxed) and there is a deduction. Most top competitors score in the high 7's and you will see the bad one in the 2 to 5 point range for scoring.

You must also know all your black belt forms (depending on your age). Most 12-13 year olds need to know up to Keumgang. 14-17 need to know up to Sipjin.and 18 and up need to know them all.

There are 4 to 6 rounds depending on how many competitors there are. Each round will have to perform 2 forms, and then the fileld gets cut in half each round until the finals with the top 8 advancing to the finals. In the finals you will do your ages two highest forms usually. They tell you what forms you will be doing in advance of the competition.

Black Belt 1st – 9th Dan
Individual - Male & Female Divisions
11 and under 
Cadet (12-14)
Juniors (15-17)               
1st Senior (18-30)               
2nd Senior (31-40)           
1st Master (41-50)           
2nd Master (51-60)   
3rd Master (61+)

1.    All competitors participating in the SPORT POOMSAE WTF/USAT (Black Belts only) competition will be required to present the designated poomsae as indicated below for their age division.
2.    For SPORT POOMSAE WTF/USAT, please see designated poomsae listed below and it will follow a modified cut-off method for competition 12 or less final round; 13 + preliminary and final rounds.

Designated Poomsae (Forms) – Black Belt Divisions 1st – 9th Dan – WTF/USAT Scoring




Individual – Male & Female Divisions

11 and under

Taegeuk 4

Taegeuk3, Koryo

Cadet (12 – 14 years)

Taegeuk 5

Taegeuk 3, Koryo, 

Junior (15 – 17 years)

Taegeuk 7

Taegeuk 8, Keumgang

1st Senior (18 – 30 years)


Taegeuk 6, Pyongwon

2nd Senior (31 – 40 years)


 Keumgang, Shipjin

1st Master (41 – 50 years)

Taejeuk 8

Jitae, Chonkwon

2nd Master (51 – 60 years)


Keumgang, Jitae

3rd Master (61+ years)


Shipjin, Hansu


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